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‘Popupfix.co’ Pop-Up

Posted: June 2, 2015

The 'Popupfix.co' pop-up is a phishing attack that collects information or money by asking you to contact a computer repair company. You may encounter different versions of the 'Popupfix.co' pop-up while browsing an unsafe website, but some PC threats that install themselves on your hard drive also may generate them automatically. Malware experts recommend taking all necessary actions for avoiding even the smallest contact with any phishing content, including removing the 'Popupfix.co' pop-up by scanning your computer for additional threats, whenever it's appropriate.

The Pop-Up that's Busy 'Fixing' Your Wallet

A 'Popupfix.co' pop-up is a member of one of the most common genres of phishing attacks, an attack that portrays itself as a repair service for PCs compromised by viruses, Trojans or other threat. Similar in format to the 'Warning! Your Computer May Be Infected' Pop-Up, the 'Call for Great Tech Support' Pop-Up Alert or the 'Infected files have corrupted your Flash Player' Pop-Up Alert, the 'Popupfix.co' pop-up also may request you to make use of a previously unheard of anti-malware company. Identical attacks sometimes also may be used by script-based Trojan droppers that install rogue security products like System Progressive Protection.

Rather than asking you to download new software, the 'Popupfix.co' pop-up prompts you to call a phone number, such as 844-887-6788 or 844-213-0040. The fraudulent PC repair technician then asks the victim to pay a fee. Based on past incidents, malware experts estimate that the average payment is within 100-200 USD. In return for this upfront payment, the con artist claims to be able to disinfect your computer, although, as always, no real repair or anti-malware services are provided.

Although malware experts have seen increasing numbers of threats like the 'Popupfix.co' pop-up designed for the Chrome browser, the 'Popupfix.co' pop-up is a browser-independent attack that also may occur in Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.

The Only Pop-Up Fix that Your Browser Needs

A 'Popupfix.co' pop-up launch itself in an invasive format that prevents you from closing it, such as a borderless window or a window that intentionally obscures its closing button. These attacks may prevent you from using your browser and don't necessarily preclude other attacks from the same PC threat responsible for the 'Popupfix.co' pop-up. You should rectify any repeated problems with a 'Popupfix.co' pop-up with anti-malware or anti-adware scans that can detect and remove the installed program that's creating these pop-ups. However, if you only see a 'Popupfix.co' pop-up on a particular website, you may wish to avoid that site or notify its administrator of its potential compromise.

Like any phishing attack, the 'Popupfix.co' pop-up is as threatening to you and your PC as you allow it to be. Smart, safe PC users who know to disable a majority of any hostile content, use strict browser settings and avoid risky downloads should rarely find a 'Popupfix.co' pop-up loading on their screens. For PC users who've failed at avoiding a 'Popupfix.co' pop-up's tactic, malware experts would advise taking extra steps to prevent any compromised financial information (such as credit card numbers) from being subjected to further exploitations.