Posted: November 10, 2020

'POWERBALL OFFICIAL 2020 WINNINGS' Email Scam Description

The 'POWERBALL OFFICIAL 2020 WINNINGS' email scam is a new variation of an ancient tactic, which preys on naïve users by trying to convince them that they have won hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Powerball, a popular lottery game in America. The con artists' goal is to trick users into agreeing to provide personal information, including their names, address, and phone number, to verify their identity and collect their winnings. This information may be used to engage the user in a more complicated scheme, which often serves the purpose of collecting money. The con artists behind the 'POWERBALL OFFICIAL 2020 WINNINGS' email scam may, for example, tell their victim to transfer a few hundred dollars to cover a made-up 'processing fee.' Needless to say, users who agree to this will not hear from these people again.

You should know that winners of the Powerball or similar lottery games are not contacted by email. The organizers behind such games would never ask you for an upfront payment to cover any fees or something like this – messages asking you to do this are a guaranteed scheme.

The 'POWERBALL OFFICIAL 2020 WINNINGS' email scam appears to target users in the United States and South America. If you see a message of this sort in your inbox, you should report the sender and delete it immediately.

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