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Posted: December 1, 2020

PublicFraction is a troublemaking application for macOS. It may reach your computer via a fake download or update package, which you might be prompted to install from a non-trustworthy website. This program is categorized as adware, and its presence on your machine is likely to be accompanied by intrusive advertisements, which will worsen your Web browsing experience significantly. The good news is that PublicFraction is not linked to harmful behavior, and the worst it can do is to be a slim nuisance.

Removing PublicFraction from your macOS computer might not be the easiest task because of the step that this adware takes to gain persistence. It may modify the macOS 'Launch Daemon' to grant itself persistence, and it may also manipulate the Safari Web browser settings to permit its advertisements.

If you suspect that the ads you see while browsing the Internet are brought by 3rd-party software, then you should run a reputable macOS security tool as soon as possible. This should be enough to discover and remove adware like the PublicFraction and get rid of the annoying changes it brought.