PUP.Idle Crawler

Posted: June 17, 2014

Idle Crawler is a Potentially Unwanted Program that may also be found by the name OverLook. The Idle Crawler applications is a piece of software that claims to help internet marketing professionals to build analytic reports related to SEO, SEM and SMM cases. However, the Idle Crawler (OverLook) is mostly delivered using questionable techniques such as bundling with freeware. Due to the lack of attention users may accidentally install unwanted applications such as Idle Crawler (OverLook). In other cases, users may be misled to believe that Idle Crawler (OverLook) presents useful features for a better SEO and SEM analysis and download it from their official website at overlookweb.com. Either way, Idle Crawler (OverLook) is not as useful as advertised and it is not recommended to keep it. Unwanted applications such as Idle Crawler (OverLook) may often exhibit adware capabilities and track your online activities to promote annoying advertisements. Computer security experts advise users to remove Idle Crawler (OverLook) using a reliable anti-malware tool.

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