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Posted: March 19, 2014

YouTube Accelerator Screenshot 1PUP.YouTube Accelerator is an adware program that makes claims of improving your YouTube videos' performance, but has a history of accomplishing exactly the opposite result. Besides its interferences with streaming video playback, PUP.YouTube Accelerator also displays advertisements automatically and may install additional, unwanted software. Malware researchers recommend removing PUP.YouTube Accelerator, which makes fraudulent claims of its benefits and provides multiple drawbacks to your PC's security, although the use of appropriate system-scanning software may be required to verify that all system changes caused by PUP.YouTube Accelerator add-ons are reverted.

PUP.YouTube Accelerator: Accelerating Your PC Towards New Problems

If you want to improve your browser's playback of streaming movies, one of the worst solutions you can partake of is that of PUP.YouTube Accelerator and similar add-ons. PUP.YouTube Accelerator claims to remove the waiting times required by buffering movie files for YouTube, but, in reality, may cause most YouTube videos to fail to load at all. Along with failing to provide its primary feature, PUP.YouTube Accelerator also loads advertisements into your browser automatically, which has caused malware researchers to classify PUP.YouTube Accelerator in the adware category. However, a minority of other PC security companies have categorized PUP.YouTube Accelerator and associated websites as threatening, due to their security issues and strong associations with fraudulent business practices.

PUP.YouTube Accelerator may not be guilty of attacks like those of a Trojan, but PUP.YouTube Accelerator does install updates and, potentially, other software from the same company automatically. This is a supplement to the standard problems that may arise from PUP.YouTube Accelerator advertisements that are loaded into your browser automatically, such as exposure to hoaxes or poor browser performance. Whether PUP.YouTube Accelerator is considered a threat or just unwanted software, malware researchers see no benefits to keeping PUP.YouTube Accelerator installed.

Reversing Your Browser from a Diversion of YouTube Playback Misleading Tactics

Although limited methods may be available for sidestepping some of the technical issues of buffering slowly, the majority of video buffering instances are required for the proper playback of the file. Instead of looking for deceitful places like PUP.YouTube Accelerator to provide a magical solution to poor playback, malware researchers would suggest that you pause a video file and allow it to buffer in full before letting it play. In some, specific cases, you also may wish to consult with your ISP, who may be regulating traffic to specific media-heavy sources. Installing browser add-ons that make false promises of their capabilities never is the correct solution, and opens your PC up to any number of security hazards.

Deleting PUP.YouTube Accelerator may be recommended, but the possibility of other software installed with PUP.YouTube Accelerator never should be overlooked. Anti-adware and anti-malware products with comprehensive, patched databases should be able to remove PUP.YouTube Accelerator and related PC threats during their normal system scans. A complete uninstallation also should remove any associated settings changes that could have interfered with your YouTube experience.

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