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‘Quickcloudupdates.be’ Pop-Ups

Posted: August 4, 2015

Quickcloudupdates.be is a potentially harmful domain that may have very adverse effects on your system. The page promotes unreliable software in the form of a fake Flash Player update. This method for the distribution of suspicious applications tends to be very efficient, and many people have been tricked. One of the reasons is that the new versions of Flash Player are released frequently, and even the less experienced PC users are accustomed to these updates. However, you should always download software from the official sites as otherwise you may endanger the security of your PC. The application hosted on quickcloudupdates.be may be Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), adware or even some type of malware. As it may be expected, the poor reputation of this domain doesn't encourage the users to go there willingly. Instead, they are transferred to the site automatically by a browser hijacker. It is a common practice for the suspicious add-on behind quickcloudupdates.be to set it as the homepage. This fact means that whenever you launch Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, you will always notice the same misleading pop-up. If you want to keep such dangerous browser hijackers away from your PC, you should always read the details during the installation of freeware. Since they attach themselves very firmly to the web clients, you may experience some issues if you attempt to delete them manually. In this case, you can rely on the help of a powerful anti-malware program.