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Posted: May 5, 2016

[RANDOMNUMBERS+RANDOMLETTERS].tech is a common detection name for a series of threatening sites like 404fxsrxc.tech, 415peezndor.tech, 394aavndd.tech, 373afbfmptjx.tech and others. All of them have the same behavior. They try to infect the system of their visitors with threats, presented as the latest version of Java or Adobe Flash Player. Moreover, these sites are related to a single browser hijacker that may load them automatically. The hackers behind these harmful pages have created dozens of them for a purpose. If the cyber security specialists manage to terminate one site, the others will remain unaffected. Thus, the parasite may reach more people, and it would take greater efforts to shut down the whole network. If the browser hijacker enters, it may start loading the compromised domains all the time. You may notice them when you go online or open new tabs. It doesn't matter if you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer because the unsafe add-on may corrupt all of them at once. The parasite may use various delivery methods. It most commonly enters when the PC user installs freeware with unverified legitimacy without reading details during the setup process. If you haven't introduced any new software to your machine recently, but you still see the [RANDOMNUMBERS+RANDOMLETTERS].tech pages, then the browser hijacker might have used some system vulnerabilities to sneak in. You may be infected with threats as well. These sites host no content. They try to deceive the computer users that they must update Java or Adobe to proceed when there is nothing to be seen. The pop-ups may seem legitimate because they contain the same color schemes as real update alerts. Moreover, the logos may be the same because the hackers don't observe copyright laws. If you agree to download the suggested application, you will be making a huge mistake as your action may lead to a serious system malfunction. It is advisable to delete the aggressive browser hijacker associated with the [RANDOMNUMBERS+RANDOMLETTERS].tech domains with a powerful security utility.