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[RANDOM WORDS].pcupdates4free.org

Posted: July 17, 2015

[RANDOM WORDS].pcupdates4free.org are a group of potentially malicious subdomains that may present users with fake software updates. [RANDOM WORDS].pcupdates4free.org is used to trick the unsuspecting user into downloading and installing junkware and sometimes even malware. The dubious website does not usually operate on its own and whenever there are [RANDOM WORDS].pcupdates4free.org issues, you may also find the presence of adware or Potentially Unwanted Programs on the compromised system. [RANDOM WORDS].pcupdates4free.org displays pop-ups that warn the victim that a certain application is out of date and that he needs to update to a newer version. The fake alerts are usually about popular software like Media Player, Adobe Flash, Java, etc., which are delivered in the form of a pop-up window. The adware and PUPs that associate with [RANDOM WORDS].pcupdates4free.org are usually acquired unwittingly by users when they install new programs. Rushing through the installation of freeware, for example, is a sure way to get yourself infected with different superfluous applications that do not provide anything beneficial and cause problems just like this one. Malware experts recommend users to pay close attention when installing new software and always opt for the 'Custom/Advanced' installation instead of the default option.