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'Redirectsmart.net' Pop-Ups

Posted: June 16, 2016

Redirectsmart.net is a suspicious site that may put at risk the security and stability of your system. As its name suggests, Redirectsmart.net may serve as a redirection platform. Whenever you open Redirectsmart.net, it will transfer you towards third-party pages automatically. If you type its URL into the address bar manually, you may get the wrong assumption that Redirectsmart.net has been shut down. In fact, it functions just as intended, but its developers have never planned the visitors to come there willingly. Instead, the people behind redirectsmart.net have released a browser hijacker that may load this potentially unsafe site automatically. Redirectsmart.net may use inconspicuous methods to enter without drawing any attention. You may install this harmful add-on when you download freeware from untrustworthy platforms like torrent trackers. Cost-free applications don't generate revenue from their license, so their developers may agree to include third-party software in their executable files for a certain commission. If you fail to read the details or perform the setup process via the 'Quick' menu, you may agree to install all components in the bundle with a single permission.

If the browser hijacker related to Redirectsmart.net is one of them, you may soon notice changes in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This redirection platform may appear whenever you launch the Web clients or open new tabs automatically. Redirectsmart.net doesn't always lead to the same site. Redirectsmart.net is related to dozens of partner pages and chooses where to take you randomly. Security researchers have confirmed that some of these sponsored domains host Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) or rogue security software like Windows Repair. Redirectsmart.net may sometimes redirect you to sites that ask you to purchase suspicious applications with no helpful features. The greatest risk is that you may land on some malware-hosting platform that may cause system damage. You should not trust any pop-ups or notifications that appear after your browser loads Redirectsmart.net. You should use a renowned security utility to delete this harmful extension as soon as possible.

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