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Posted: July 16, 2013

Search.anchorfree.net Screenshot 1Search.anchorfree.net is a misleading website and search system, which is related to browser hijackers. These malware infections are able to hijack the targeted Internet browser, change DNS settings and HOSTS file in the order to redirect traffic of any legal search engine to dubious advertising websites. So, if PC users strive to look for a certain term in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other renowned search engines, they will get search results not related to their initial inquiries, and they will get rerouted to Search.anchorfree.net and other deceptive websites designed by scammers to make money from forced diversions and increased traffic. Malware threats linked to Search.anchorfree.net may violate the victim's privacy and slow down the PC. Browser hijackers associated with Search.anchorfree.net will reroute victimized PC users to other similar websites that include fake pop-up ads. So the PC user will only be able to click these ads because Search.anchorfree.net and other similar search tools won't work. To stop annoying hits to Search.anchorfree.net, computer users need to use a legal anti-malware application to uninstall all browser hijackers related to Search.anchorfree.net.