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'Select Region' Tech Support Scam

Posted: April 6, 2017

The 'Select Region' tech support scam operates by dropping a fake executable file on the victim's machine which, once executed, applies Registry changes whose purpose is to guarantee that the binary associated with 'Select Region' tech support scam will be started whenever Windows boots automatically. This way, the support hoax may be able to lock users out of their computers entirely and make them think that they need to follow the advice & instructions seen in the hoax's message successfully.

Tactics of this sort are usually hosted on domains that may reach a Web browser window when the user stumbles upon a low-quality or malvertising page. However, tactics like 'Select Region' tech support scam are a bit more elaborate since they rely on executable files, which impact the users' ability to use their own computers directly. While traditional technical support tactics may lock users out of their Web browser, the effects of the 'Select Region' tech support scam may end up preventing the users from accessing any of their files, folders or programs on their computers.

The 'Select Region' tech support scam displays a lock screen that is designed to look like a legitimate feature of Microsoft Windows and contains information such as the device's MAC address, the user's username, and the device's name. It also features two prompts that ask the user to enter the type of their device (Laptop or Desktop), as well as to pick their country of residence. Regardless of the choice the user makes, the next step of the 'Select Region' tech support scam is to tell them that they need to call certified Microsoft Experts by dialing 0800-652-8283. It is important to remember that Microsoft support agents would never promote their services with such messages and techniques, and screens or pages that claim to do that are likely to be part of a hoax.

Agreeing to call the number featured in the 'Select Region' tech support scam may not lead to anything good since the people who respond to these calls are not technical support specialists. They are just simple con artists who will not hesitate to lie to callers to trick them into spending hundreds of dollars on unnecessary software or technical support subscription fees blatantly. If you suspect that you've been locked out of your computer because of the 'Select Region' tech support scam, then you need to use a reputable anti-virus tool or get in touch with reliable threat removal experts to assist you with the problem.