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'Server Notification' Email Scam

Posted: July 9, 2020

The 'Server Notification' email scam is a new fraudulent email tactic that appears to lead its recipients to a phishing page that asks them to enter the details for their email account. This scheme's targets may be users of different email services – Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. The message reads that the users have to provide an email recovery number to keep their inbox safe – it ends the message with a warning stating that the email inbox's contents may be lost if this action is not complete immediately. Many users might mistake this trick for a legitimate message, and click the threatening link that will ask them to enter their email account and password.

You should always be careful with incoming email messages that ask you to visit a page and enter your account and password – these often may be fake, and you should be careful when following such links. If, for example, you receive a message that claims to come from PayPal, you should not click the links inside of it – instead, type 'paypal.com' manually in your address bar, and visit it from there. This way, you will be able to visit your account without the risk of ending up at a phishing page. This applies to all online services.

If you see a message titled 'Server Notification' in your inbox, then it might be a part of the 'Server Notification' email scam. The best course of action is to take no notice of its contents, report the sender and delete the message.