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'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner

Posted: October 31, 2017

The 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner is a cryptocurrency miner, which consumes a significant amount of CPU resources to mine the Monero cryptocurrency. While software of this sort is not considered to be unsafe, in most cases, it seems that many cybercrooks have been creating modified CPU miners whose purpose is to be deployed and executed on the computers of non-suspecting users silently. Such is the case with the 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner, which might be distributed via software bundles, fake downloads and updates, or pirated software and games. While the 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner is not a direct security threat, having it running on a computer may lead to annoying side effects such as reduced system performance, inability to play games smoothly or general system instability.

The miner hides under a process named ShellExperienceHost.exe & MicrosoftShellHost.exe, which might be described as an 'Application Frame Host' in the Task Manager. However, users should be able to recognize these fraudulent processes since they will consume an abnormal amount of CPU resources at all times. The executable used to drop the 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner and the 'MicrosoftShellHost.exe' CPU Miner also will create a Registry entry to guarantee that both mining entities will be started alongside Windows.

While the 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner is running on your computer, your CPU's resources will be used to mine Monero coins, which will be transferred to the wallet of the miner's author. Needless to say, this is something that can't continue, and you need to take the necessary measures to ensure that the 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner will be fully removed from the computer. The swiftest and most reliable way to carry out this task is to use a credible anti-malware tool.