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Skipperse.in Pop-Ups

Posted: August 31, 2015

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 8/10
Infected PCs: 88
First Seen: August 31, 2015
Last Seen: July 24, 2020
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups may be phishing attacks meant to compromise your computer, finances or information by exposing you to online hoaxes. While the variety of tactics in use by the 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups may rotate, the 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups may use fake legal or security alerts to redirect computer users into phone conversations with con artists. Malware experts strongly endorse avoiding contact with the 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups without any protection, and suggest using good anti-malware products for removing the 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups that reoccur due to any modifications to your browser.

A Hop, Skip, and a Jump into Browser Attacks

Although some corrupted domains live extremely brief careers of enabling illicit activities for weeks or days, others are maintained and used as staging grounds for longer periods of time. Skipperse.in is an Indian website that belongs to the latter group, having been registered since 2014 and continuing its attacks well into 2015. Malware experts found the majority of threatening activities from this site crystallizing around the delivery of the 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups, which may launch themselves through compromised websites or adware-based modifications of your browser.

The 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups may abuse several, common formats of online tactics while targeting seemingly arbitrary computer users. Some of these recurring themes may include:

  • Fraudulent legal warnings, such as threats regarding unpaid debts or other financial transactions.
  • Fake threat alerts may announce that your PC is infected (usually by a non-specific type of threatening software, such as a 'virus').

In either case, the 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups may redirect computer users to a phone number for a fake company offering fictitious legal or PC repair services. These hoaxes may request upfront payments ranging from 100 to 300 USD, and claim to be affiliated with an actual company, such as Apple or Microsoft. As always, the goal of the con artist is to take money and any exploitable information while keeping up the disguise of resolving the fictitious scenario described in the 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups.

Skipping out on the 'Skipperse.in' Pop-Ups

Ironically, the 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups may be caused by some forms of threats, but never will include realistic information on how to resolve the related security issues. When dealing with the 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups and other Web tactics, malware researchers urge you to avoid any websites or browser add-ons that might precipitate contact with them. If the 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups trigger without any respect for which sites are being loaded, a threatening or unwanted program may modify your browser. Naturally, anti-malware and anti-adware scans may be necessary for deleting any pop-up attacks based on local sources.

Well-informed and suitably cautious PC owners should experience little issues in detecting the 'Skipperse.in' pop-ups or distinguishing them from real pop-up alerts. Legitimate browser security warnings never will redirect you to a phone number. Information provided to con artists during any ensuing phone conversations should be assumed to be compromised. Get in touch with your bank, credit card provider or any other, relevant organization for further tips on how to respond to a compromise of information that third parties may exploit in future actions.