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‘SoftNewread.Topupdate4u.net’ Pop-Ups

Posted: September 9, 2015

If the first thing you notice when you go online is SoftNewready.Topupdate4u.net, you may be in trouble. This domain is deceptive, and its purpose is to spread highly questionable software. Every visitor will notice the same pop-up, according to which his Flash Player is outdated. The same notification will appear even if you don't have this program on your PC at all. The message states that the newer version of the Flash Player is far more reliable than the previous one. Reportedly, you will be able to watch video files with many different extensions, including *.FLV, *.AVI, *.MPEG, *.MOV, *.MKV and *.SWF. The ‘SoftNewready.Topupdate4u.net’ pop-ups also promise to install the best codecs for a better experience. When you take these announced features into consideration, it is understandable why some people agree to download the offered software. However, this action may turn out to be a mistake because the application is not what it claims to be. Its actual content depends on the latest instructions by the page administrators. If you are lucky, you may install some annoying but relatively harmless Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Otherwise, you may end up giving access to some dangerous software that may cause you significant problems. SoftNewready.Topupdate4u.net is associated with a browser hijacker, which explains why you may see this site as your homepage. These tools attach as add-on towards Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, and may cause many unauthorized changes. If your Web clients redirect you to this dangerous domain regularly, you should scan your system to locate and delete the hijacker.