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‘Squirrelwool.science’ Pop-Up

Posted: June 4, 2015

Squirrelwool.science is an adware-related domain that displays irritating pop-ups in your web browser. In case your computer starts displaying pop-ups from Squirrelwool.science, it is probably because you have mistakenly got infected with adware or a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Users may accidentally install an adware-related browser extension or a toolbar that might be causing pop-ups from Squirrelwool.science. These annoying pop-ups are known to consume a large portion of your machine's CPU. Users might notice that their computer started performing rather sluggishly, and this is due to an infection. To get rid of pop-ups from Squirrelwool.science, computer security experts advise running a scan with a powerful anti-malware tool that would detect the infection and remove it.