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'ssdf.space' Pop-Ups

Posted: June 8, 2018

The domain ssdf.space hosts no meaningful content and, instead, its authors have opted to use it to spread a corrupted pop-up message, which lies to the users by telling them that their devices have been invaded by a virus and they need to download a specific tool to resolve this problem and fix other computer issues. The message is featured on a red background, and it is designed to look like a legitimate warning screen that is meant to scare users into following the instructions in front of them quickly. However, you can rest assured that messages like the 'ssdf(dot)space' pop-ups are unable to provide you with accurate information regarding your computer's health and security, and most websites that claim to offer such details are likely to be part of a hoax.

We are not sure what kind of tool this hoax promotes exactly, but you can rest assured that it is not a reputable one since it does not appear to have an official website or at least a company name behind it. We advise you never to download dubious software that is being advertised via shady pop-ups since this is a surefire path to get an intrusive application on your computer.

Seeing the 'ssdf(dot)space' pop-ups in your Web browser is not a sign that you have adware or a cyber-threat on your computer. Often, these fraudulent pop-ups might be displayed while you browse low-quality websites such as torrent trackers, adult media websites, or other pages that are known to host illicit or pirated content. We advise our readers to stick to browsing reputable websites to guarantee that they will have a hassle-free Web surfing experience.