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'Stopped Processing Incoming Emails' Scam

Posted: January 21, 2021

Online phishing tactics continue to be one of the most effective strategies that cybercriminals use to take login credentials from their victims. To increase their odds of succeeding, con artists may often try to impersonate legitimate companies and service providers. This is the case of the newly identified 'Stopped Processing Incoming Emails' scam. Targets of the con artists may receive a bogus email claiming to come from their email provider. Potential victims are told that their accounts are about to be locked and their services suspended - allegedly, this can be prevented by following an URL and updating their account data. However, users who follow the link will stumble upon a phishing page used to harvest email login credentials.

You should never trust random, shady emails, which ask you to visit an unknown website and enter your login credentials. Such phishing tactics are often used to collect login credentials for emails, bank accounts, messaging services, gaming platforms, and many other software/services. The 'Stopped Processing Incoming Emails' scam is still active, and you should be careful about such emails in your inbox. Ignore their contents, report the sender and delete the message.