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Posted: June 16, 2015

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 9/10
Infected PCs: 314
First Seen: June 16, 2015
Last Seen: March 15, 2019
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Swort, or Trojan.Swort, is a Trojan downloader that installs additional threats on your PC. Swort's status as a delivery vehicle is enabled by spam e-mail messages, with its current campaign focusing on systems in South Korea. Although there are some early indications of Swort's infrastructure being improperly configured or disabled, malware experts see every reason to urge removing Swort as an immediate safety priority for all PC owners.

A Virtual Disease Accompanying Warnings of a Real World One

Swort is a standard Trojan downloader that communicates with a remote server automatically for downloading and installing threats besides itself. Such attacks usually are devoted to installing more broadly capable threats than a simple downloader, such as multi-component spyware, backdoor Trojans or Bitcoin miners. Although Swort's functions are very standard, its origin as an independent threat is recently dated, with the Symantec Corporation being one of the first PC security institutions to isolate samples of Swort.

Malware experts verified evidence of Swort's circulating via corrupted e-mail messages, disguised as a simple text file attachment. Close examination of the file reveals that its name is fraudulent, with its real file type being an executable (or EXE) program file. Its host e-mail messages are themed as reports on the latest hospitals and patient numbers for the recent outbreak of MERS in South Korea.

MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (AKA 'camel flu') is a flu-like disease with a discovery date in 2012. Although largely associated with camels and Saudi Arabia, its transmission to humans has spread down to Asian countries. Over a dozen deaths have occurred from this new virus, which makes any news about its transmission a potential hot topic that can serve as an adequate delivery mechanism for Swort, or other threat.

A PC's Best Swort Remover

While the only campaigns using Swort limit themselves to targeting South Korea, the same infection strategies also can be applied to other nations. To date, malware researchers have seen no evidence of Swort's communications with its C&C servers successfully installing threats. However, this merely may be an indication of Swort's early attacks being proof of concept tests for later harmful actions. PC users interested in protecting themselves from MERS should invest in protecting their systems from sources of virtual diseases equally, which includes scanning suspicious e-mail files with anti-malware products.

A Swort infection may result in the presence of additional threats beyond itself. These downloading activities are formatted to be non-detectable by eye, although victims may detect unusual network activity, resource usage or other, telltale signs of its attacks. Using strong anti-malware solutions for scanning your entire PC is the simplest means of guaranteeing that you've deleted Swort along with its payload.

Despite the immediate social media hook con artists exploited for installing Swort, the MERS virus has a reportedly low transmission rate between individuals.

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