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'System-alert.clsecure.org' Pop-Ups

Posted: November 12, 2015

The 'System-alert.clsecure.org' pop-ups may be displayed to users who have adware installed on their computers or users who visit a questionable Web page programmed to display the annoying 'System-alert.clsecure.org' pop-ups. The pop-ups hosted on this domain aren't threatening, but they may provide users with misleading and fake information. Apart from this, the System-alert.clsecure.org pop-ups may prove difficult to close since the developers of the page have used scripts to prevent users from closing the aggressive pop-ups swiftly.

The 'System-alert.clsecure.org' pop-ups urge users to phone the number shown on the website by telling them that this is the swiftest way to take care of pending PC issues. However, all phone numbers associated with the 'System-alert.clsecure.org' pop-ups are related to a technical support scam whose goal is to take money from innocent users. These are five of the numbers that you may see when exposed to the 'System-alert.clsecure.org' pop-ups: 844-326-7229, 844-596-6306, 844-728-8150, 800-802-1164 and 888-930-7816. Don't phone any of these numbers as there's nothing exciting waiting for you there, apart from the scammers eager to take your money. If the 'System-alert.clsecure.org pop-ups show each time you use your Web browser, you must run an anti-malware scan to eliminate the source of the annoying pop-ups immediately.