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'System Support Alert' Tech Support Scam

Posted: April 1, 2019

System support hoaxes are a form of attack that uses social engineering for exploiting its victims. They often open your browser in full-screen, and display messages that can't be closed, essentially locking your Web portal in a bid to induce panic and loss of rationality. The pop-up messages warn you of some kind of danger for your system, that you should seek professional help with, and are quick to offer a solution over the phone. Once you call the provided number, however, the fraudsters will usually offer fake solutions to your problems, in exchange for a subscription to a bogus support service or a one-time payment.

It's good to have in mind that Microsoft's warning and error messages never include a phone number where they prompt you to call for help. Microsoft also would never contact you through unsolicited phone calls or emails to demand personal or financial information or fix your computer. This is why it is best to avoid calling any numbers that are advertised to you in such an intrusive manner, as they are most likely going to get you in touch with cybercrooks directly, whose next goal would be to establish remote access to your machine.

The fraudsters will usually try to keep you on the line while walking you through the process of granting them access to your computer through a remote access software. Once they have established a connection, they usually start using built-in Windows utilities to fool you into thinking that they are fixing your PC and gain your trust - A classic confidence play. They even might try to install bogus optimization software that is laced with bad code.

Getting redirected to pages that advertise fake System Supports may be caused by compromised advertisements on pages that you visit, or it might be a clear sign that your system is infected with adware.