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'System Warning Alert' Pop-Ups

Posted: May 18, 2020

The 'System Warning Alert' pop-ups are a fake message that you may see in your Web browser while browsing shady websites. The pop-ups are designed to look like a legitimate Windows alert, which tries to warn you that your system has been infiltrated by a threat. Often, the pages that host such pop-ups may play an audio message in the background and use scripts to prevent you from accessing other browser tabs. All this is done to leave visitors with the impression that there is a serious issue with their computer, and they must have it resolved as soon as possible.

The fake pop-up prompts users to enter their Windows username and password – it is not clear why the fraudsters are phishing for this login information, but it is likely to be used in some part of their plan. The pop-ups also tell the users to call 855-905-3994 to get in touch with certified computer technicians that will help them resolve the computer issue quickly.

This phone number is not linked to legitimate support services and, instead, it appears to be used to run various tactics regularly. Needless to say, the 'System Warning Alert' pop-ups are part of an elaborate tactic whose end-goal is to collect valuable info, money or payment details from the victim. Users who opt to call the number may be told more lies about the safety and health of their computers, and the attackers might ask them for one of the following:

To provide them with remote access to the computer – the fraudsters may use this opportunity to password-lock the system and then extort the victim for money.
To purchase an expensive piece of software that does nothing to help.
To subscribe to expensive technical support services that the victim does not need.

If you ever come across Web browser pop-ups that tell you to check your system for viruses, you can rest assured that this is a fake message. You should not follow the instructions that accompany it, because you may end up being involved in a tactic similar to the one found on the 'System Warning Alert' pop-ups.