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'Threats Detected' Pop-Ups

Posted: November 16, 2017

The 'Threats Detected' pop-ups are part of a technical support tactic whose goal is to take money from victims by convincing them that they need the assistance of a specific team of computer technicians who are likely to end up charging them hundreds of dollars for services or software. The 'Threats Detected' pop-ups may be hosted on different websites and domains, and it seems that the authors are using several separate templates to make their tricks seem more believable. For example, potential victims who stumble upon the 'Threats Detected' pop-ups may see different anti-virus warnings, which are accompanied by different phone numbers for assistance - 855-615-2468, 855-378-1203 and 844-444-9933. None of these phone numbers are linked to reputable providers of technical support services, nor do they have anything in common with anti-virus product vendors.

The 'Threats Detected' pop-ups also may be accompanied by the Microsoft Windows branding, as well as by a fake Blue Screen of Death whose purpose is to further confuse users and convince them that there is indeed something wrong with their computers. Potential victims who opt to call the phone numbers that the'Threats Detected' pop-ups promote might end up being told that their PCs were infected by a threat and the only way to dispose of it is to either pay for the services of the 'computer experts' or purchase a dubious anti-virus application. Don't forget that you should never agree to pay for services or software that were offered to you in such a manner. That's the primary method that online crooks use to make their victims give them money willingly.

If you encounter the 'Threats Detected' pop-ups while browsing the Web, then it is recommended to close them immediately and avoid visiting the page that brought you to them.