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Posted: October 3, 2013

Traffic.outbrain.com is part of the Outbrain advertising network, which doesn't deliver threatening content, but does engage in privacy-invading behavior that monitors Web surfers for lucrative information to use in its targeted advertisements. While Outbrain recently grabbed headlines for being unfortunate enough to be hacked by Syrian activists, currently Traffic.outbrain.com doesn't appear to pose any danger to PC users. However, there are occasional occurrences of browser hijackers taking advantage of Traffic.outbrain.com to deliver Web content without the PC user's permission. In such circumstances, you should use appropriate anti-malware tools to remove all PC threats forcing you to Traffic.outbrain.com, and continue to protect your browser against any misuses of Traffic.outbrain.com's traffic-redirecting capabilities.

Traffic.outbrain.com: the Traffic-Rerouting Brain that Never Sleeps

Traffic.outbrain.com is part of a company that performs essentially the same services as any common online advertising network, but simultaneously, places a great deal of marketing emphasis on never saying the word 'advertisements'. Instead, content delivered through Traffic.outbrain.com usually is described with noncommittal labels, and Outbrain's primary services are implied to be traffic-redirecting and targeting, rather than just loading advertisements. However, the practical differences are minimal, and SpywareRemove.com malware experts recommend using the same basic level of caution when browsing links promoted by Traffic.outbrain.com as they would recommend for any advertising network's advertisements.

Traffic.outbrain.com and Outbrain recently received some major attention in the news media for being hacked by Syrian activists two months ago, which caused many visitors of major websites (sites that availed themselves of Traffic.outbrain.com's services) to be redirected to unwanted Web pages. It must be stressed that these redirects aren't evidence of a browser hijacker or other type of infection that's installed on your computer, and SpywareRemove.com malware experts also are happy to note that the problem was resolved with reasonable promptness. At this date, you should have nothing to fear from visiting sites affiliated with Traffic.outbrain.com – at least, until any new versions of these hacking attacks ever resurface.

Getting Your Web Brain Thinking the Thoughts You Want with No Input from Outbrain

Because Traffic.outbrain.com does utilize some basic user-tracking behavior that may monitor your basic browsing habits, you may want to consider using relevant browser security features to block Traffic.outbrain.com from collecting data. Even though Traffic.outbrain.com is a reputable company and doesn't steal highly sensitive information (passwords, login names, etc.), you still may want to consider blocking advertisements, disabling scripts and implementing other security techniques that keep Traffic.outbrain.com from loading any unwanted content or keeping tabs on what you do online.

Other than the, admittedly, highly notable lapse in security back in August, Traffic.outbrain.com and the rest of Outbrain has not been marked down for any major security problems that could harm your computer. However, content delivered through still is tantamount to advertising, and SpywareRemove.com malware experts recommend keeping an eye out for potential dangers like phishing attacks hidden in surveys, non-official software patches and fraudulent system scanners, all of which sometimes slip inside of otherwise reputable advertisement networks.

Use SpyHunter to Detect and Remove PC Threats

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