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‘Traffikkim.xyz’ Pop-Ups

Posted: July 29, 2015

For the sake of keeping your PC safe and your bank account intact, you should ignore all the information on traffikkim.xyz. This dangerous site provides its visitors with deceptive information about the security state of their systems. According to the pop-ups that appear after you enter traffikkim.xyz, there are severe vulnerabilities in your PC that may put at risk your personal information – including passwords, photos and credit card details. The fake warnings urge you to dial 888-973-8415 for assistance by specialists. However, the calls towards this number are answered by experienced scammers, who will make everything possible to steal your money. While pretending to be qualified security experts, these fraudsters will ask you to pay them a large sum of money to clean your PC. The requested amount is not fixed but often goes up to a few hundred dollars. You should know that you will receive absolutely nothing in exchange for your money, so you should not agree to pay. Although your system is most likely unaffected by some high-level cyber threat, there may be a browser hijacker. These tools enter inconspicuously and take control of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you notice that traffikkim.xyz has substituted your default homepage, or you are redirected to the deceptive domain regularly, the presence of the browser hijacker is certain. The most reliable way to remove it is with the help of a credible anti-malware solution.