Posted: March 15, 2013
Threat Metric
Threat Level: 9/10
Infected PCs 9

Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh Description

Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh is a Trojan that's distributed predominantly via e-mail spam for Germany and neighboring countries. PDF exploits embedded in the attached file will install Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh automatically, and since Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh's e-mails are disguised as business invoices, victims may infect their own computers without understanding that an attack has taken place. Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh includes several generalized functions that can disable your computer's security features, spy on your activities or conceal itself from detection. malware researchers heartily recommend deleting Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh with the most powerful anti-malware products available (once you've realized that Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh is on your PC in the first place).

When an E-mail's 'Urgency' Doesn't Line Up with Its Contents

So far, Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh has been distributed via multiple spam e-mail campaigns. Due to the similarities between these campaigns – using very similar message formats, as well as attack techniques – malware research team has speculated that they're by the same team, which is suggestive of even more Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh attacks in the future. E-mails distributing Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh use the semi-plausible excuse of carrying business notifications in enclosed PDF files. However, anyone who's familiar with PDFs will be aware that the format that was given to this is one of the most utilized for use in drive-by-download attacks.

No different from similar spam-based attacks, this file will, once launched, exploit a PDF-specific vulnerability that's hidden underneath two separate layers of embedded JavaScript code. The following programs are susceptible to this attack: Adobe Reader/Acrobat 8.x prior to 8.2.1, as well as 9.x prior to 9.3.1. The final phase of the drive-by-download installs a fake Adobe update that actually is Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh. Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh may be detected as a variant of Artemis or by other labels that include Troj/VBInj-EG, Trojan:Win32/Matsnu and Win32/Trustezeb.C.

Why You Don't Want to Hear What this So-Called Invoice Has to Say

Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh includes several basic attack functions that make it difficult to determine its specific purpose – whether Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh is used primarily to allow criminals to control your computer directly, to install other malware or to steal personal information. However, malware experts have confirmed some of Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh's major functions below:

  • Disabling basic security applications such as Task Manager and Registry Editor.
  • Ignoring your firewall to make contact with a remote server. This server may be used to transfer stolen information, download other malware, issue commands or update Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh.
  • Disabling Safe Mode.
  • Taking screenshots of any applications that currently are running on your PC.
  • Delete files on your PC without your consent.

Given its extensive repertoire of damaging attacks, Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh should be removed as soon as possible after the original infection. malware experts recommend using anti-malware products for removing Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh, but if Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh blocks these programs, you may need to use other security methods to bypass Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh beforehand.

Naturally, paying attention to suspicious e-mails and deleting them will allow you to eschew needing to deal with a Trojan.Win32.Yakes.cngh infection at all.

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