Posted: July 20, 2012
Threat Metric
Threat Level: 10/10
Infected PCs 70

Troj/JSAgent-CK Description

Troj/JSAgent-CK is an HTM file that redirects you to a malicious site, currently noted as a host for one version of the Blackhole Exploit Kit (a configurable PC threat that allows harmful software to be installed on your computer without your consent). Troj/JSAgent-CK is readily-discernible as a file attachment that's distributed in e-mail spamming campaigns, with current formats of Troj/JSAgent-CK's e-mails using fake notifications of electronic money transferals. This mean of distribution is common to many other Trojans besides Troj/JSAgent-CK, and malware researchers always encourage you to interact with unusual e-mail messages with a high level of wariness. Scanning files prior to downloading them can detect Troj/JSAgent-CK before Troj/JSAgent-CK has a chance to redirect your browser, and it should be noted that legitimate wire transfer companies will never ask you to open e-mail file attachments due to the inherent security risk.

Troj/JSAgent-CK: Just the Newest in Mailbox-Delivered Saboteurs

While not especially creative, Troj/JSAgent-CK's distribution tactics are reasonably effective, as noted with previous examples of e-mail-propagated PC threats like Troj/Agent-WXL, Troj/Agent-WMO, members of the BredoZp family of Trojans, Win32/Cbeplay.P, and Mal/Zbot-FV. As a widely-spammed file attachment, Troj/JSAgent-CK's presence in your e-mail inbox is disguised as a message about a 'wire transfer confirmation.' Since these messages either imply that an unwarranted transfer has taken place or that a legitimate transfer has failed, careless individuals may be persuaded to trust the accompanying file attachment, which some prominent PC security companies detect as Troj/JSAgent-CK.

After launching, Troj/JSAgent-CK will redirect your browser with a simple 'Please wait a moment. You will be forwarded' message. Of course, instead of redirecting you to a legitimate site, malware experts have found that Troj/JSAgent-CK will take your browser to a hostile site that hosts the Black Hole Exploit Kit (also known as BEK or Blacole). BEK exploits can be configured for different payloads, although they always entail the installation of unwanted and potentially harmful software onto your computer. If you've fallen for a Troj/JSAgent-CK attack, you should consider your computer potentially compromised until you have an opportunity to scan it with anti-malware software.

Dodging Troj/JSAgent-CK's Gravity Towards a Black Hole That's Trickier to Escape

E-mails that contain Troj/JSAgent-CK can be deleted on sight as the most efficient means of protecting your PC from Troj/JSAgent-CK and its related Black Hole attacks. Exposure to Black Hole Kit attacks can, themselves, be guarded against if your browser uses strong security and you have active anti-malware applications to block browser-based attacks. malware experts have especially taken notice of BEK's usage of JavaScript and Adobe software, which should be kept updated to lower the amount of vulnerabilities that Blacole, Troj/JSAgent-CK and related PC threats can use to their benefit.

There are no symptoms of a successful Troj/JSAgent-CK attack, but common payloads for Blacole include banking Trojans, keyloggers, browser hijacks and rogue security programs among their possibilities.

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