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Posted: November 2, 2020

Trustcontent.surf is a misleading website used to hijack the notifications of Web browsers. To do this, it shows a fake prompt asking the user to enable video playback. The prompt is accompanied by a still image resembling the YouTube video player. The page says users need to click 'Allow' to play the video – performing this action will yield different results. By clicking 'Allow' users will subscribe to Trustcontent.surf's notifications.

If the Trustcontent.surf gains permission to use browser notifications, it will abuse the feature to deliver intrusive advertisements via the notification panel. Often, the contents of Trustcontent.surf's notifications may be non-trustworthy, and they may try to take you to the Web pages of shady services and products or other tactics.

If you are being troubled by a website's unwanted notifications, you should disable its permissions through your Web browser's settings menu.