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Posted: August 30, 2011

Us-srch-system.com is a web search engine hijacker that may return irrelevant and very often shows paid search results or reroutes Internet users to advertisements, pharmacy sites and online surveys. Us-srch-system.com works exactly the same way as 100ksearches.com. When a PC user searches for something on Google, he/she is rerouted to a web page somewhat irrelevant to the search. If you're constantly rerouted, your computer system is infected with a Trojan, adware and/or a rootkit such as AdRotator, TrojanWin32/Sirefef and TrojanDownloader:Win32/Bebeber.A. Malware infections associated with the us-srch-system.com can reroute you to affiliated websites instead of showing completely unrelated search results. Malware infections can also block legitimate security software and notably reduce PC system performance. Malware threats may also show fake error messages. You should block us-srch-system.com by configuring your browser settings and remove associated malware infections with an anti-malware program as quickly as possible.

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