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Posted: February 12, 2014

Threat Metric

Ranking: 6,127
Threat Level: 1/10
Infected PCs: 129
First Seen: February 12, 2014
Last Seen: January 3, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows

UTAdRReMoovalAppa is adware and a Potentially Unwanted Program that shows evidence of being cloned from previous, similar add-ons for Chrome. Without any real benefits, UTAdRReMoovalAppa keeps PC users from uninstalling UTAdRReMoovalAppa by the simple expedient of blocking its own removal, all the while displaying advertisements that can't be disabled. Malware researchers consider UTAdRReMoovalAppa to be both a security and performance concern, and uninstalling UTAdRReMoovalAppa through any means required is advised for your PC's long term safety.

When 'Savings' Through Ads is a Motive for Saving Your Browser

Although all browsers have their fair share of troubles concerning adware, browser hijackers and similar PC threats, Chrome has experienced a particularly heavy share of these troubles in the past year. UTAdRReMoovalAppa is another example of adware that's specific to the Google's Chrome browser and appears to be based on the same family of unwanted software as WatchItNoAds, Shopdruopp, ExstraCoupon, Win32/Adware.MultiPlug, RoboSavEr, Adware.Win32.FastSaveApp and MegaSearch. Like them, UTAdRReMoovalAppa may modify Chrome to display affiliated search results or other forms of disguised advertisements, and malware experts haven't found any options for disabling this invasive function.

UTAdRReMoovalAppa's advertisement may be displayed as coupons or some other form of shopping-themed content, but the actual savings from UTAdRReMoovalAppa are minimal in comparison to its other side effects, which include worsening Chrome's performance and, potentially, causing random crashes. UTAdRReMoovalAppa's website modifications for delivering advertisement also may put you at risk of exposure to unsafe Web content or prevent you from using all of an unrelated site's content (due to the advertisement blocking portions of the native Web page).

The Adware that Bursts Into Your Browser Uninvited

UTAdRReMoovalAppa's coders appear to be well aware of how little UTAdRReMoovalAppa benefits its users, and its distribution strategies seem to be focusing on installers that are bundled with unrelated products, such as movie-streaming toolbars. Suspicious media sites are particularly but not exclusively likely sources of an UTAdRReMoovalAppa installation. Even when you're installing software from a source that seems safe, malware researchers don't find it amiss to recommend that you use anti-malware tools to scan the original file, which may catch UTAdRReMoovalAppa and other bundles of adware in most situations.

Unlike a legitimate add-on, UTAdRReMoovalAppa includes some minor but non-negligible functions for blocking its deletion from Chrome. Anti-malware programs shouldn't be especially slowed by UTAdRReMoovalAppa's defenses, but removing UTAdRReMoovalAppa without full-fledged anti-malware scans is an impractical solution, at best. Using thorough scans effective against broad ranges of PC threats also will help remove any threat that may be installed with UTAdRReMoovalAppa.
UTAdRReMoovalAppa, WatchItNoAds, Shopdruopp and many other members of their family have focused on modifying the Chrome browser. However, old members of this family also have been found on Internet Explorer, and all Web browsers have had their fair share of issues with similar PUPs.

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