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‘Versionsupport.newpcsoft2update.net’ Pop-Up

Posted: June 10, 2015

Versionsupport.newpcsoft2update.net is a pop-up that promotes fake Flash Player updates. In case your computer displays pop-ups from Versionsupport.newpcsoft2update.net, it is highly likely that you have been infected with adware or a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Users might unintentionally install adware or PUPs when downloading and installing freeware or shareware. Regardless of how pop-ups from Versionsupport.newpcsoft2update.net got on your computer, it is not advised to rely on them. Pop-ups from Versionsupport.newpcsoft2update.net are created to trick users into downloading the fake updates and result in installing more adware. Pop-ups from Versionsupport.newpcsoft2update.net are also known to consume a lot of CPU and cause your PC to run slow. Users are advised to ignore the pop-ups from Versionsupport.newpcsoft2update.net and use a trusted anti-malware tool to remove them.