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‘Warning! Critical Update!’ Popup

Posted: September 13, 2013

The 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up is fraudulent pop-up alert that may be generated either by threats or corrupted websites – always with the purpose of installing other threats onto your computer. Although the 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up currently is associated most strongly with shopping-based adware programs, similar attacks also have been favorite infection vectors for other PC threats, including rogue anti-virus programs, fake Registry cleaners and Police Ransomware Trojans. Because some variants of the 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up may install their payloads regardless of your consent, SpywareRemove.com malware experts advise scanning your computer after any contact with this pop-up attack and using anti-malware tools to remove any related PC threats.

The Critical Update for Criminal Compromises

Rather than being a legitimate update alert, the 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up is a criminal pop-up attack that's designed to make you install harmful software under the pretense of updating your software. Different versions of the 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up may be designed to install unsafe software after you've accepted the 'update' or regardless of whether or not you do so, which can make even brief contact with a 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up turn into an immediate compromise of your PC's security. Other PC threats operating along similar lines include the 'You need to update your version of media player' Virus, the 'Update your browser' Message and the 'Warning! The site you are trying to visit' Fake Alert, for example.

The 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up is particularly closely associated with payloads involving adware, such as Saltarsmart Ads, Lucky Leap, Coupon Companion or Giant Savings. However, the 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up attacks are just as capable of delivering other types of distinct PC threats to your computer, and SpywareRemove.com malware experts warn that there always is a possibility of a high-level PC threat (such as a rootkit or banking Trojan) being installed to your computer in drive-by-download attacks like the 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up.

Preventing a 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up's Update from Wrecking Your PC

Since the 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up usually is the start of an attack whose result is the deposit of new infections onto your hard drive, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers recommend using anti-malware tools to analyze your PC after any contact with a 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up whatsoever – regardless of whether or not you chose to install its fraudulent update. Naturally, you never should install updates from third parties, and particularly not from general pop-ups or online advertisements. Instead, any updates should be done through a company's website directly when the relevant software doesn't provide an automatic update utility of its own.

Because the 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up is a browser-based PC threat, you can block the 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up through various browser-based security techniques. Pop-up blockers, advertisement blockers, disabling features like JavaScript/Java/Flash and, finally, using anti-malware products that can block unreliable Web pages all are viable means of preventing 'Warning Critical Update!' Pop-up from getting anywhere near your computer in the first place.