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'Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software' Scam

Posted: December 5, 2016

The 'Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software' scam is a trick that con artists may use to convince people to pay money for non-existing services or useless software solutions. Unlike most technical support tactics, the 'Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software' scam does not rely on Web browser pop-ups to lure potential victims. Instead, it uses a stand-alone application that may be propagated as fake software, or it also may be included in pirated software and other illicit content. When the software in question is executed, it locks the user's computer by displaying an overlay Window that uses the traditional blue Windows color scheme and depicts a short message warning the users that their computers have been attacked by threatening software, and they need to follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the issue.

Below the message, users will see an input field where they are required to enter their Windows product key. It goes without saying that you should not provide anyone with this information, because it may allow them to misappropriate your product license and prevent you from using your Windows copy for much longer. Apart from trying to take the product license, the con artists also have included the phone number 877-360-0485 which, according to the message, can get users in touch with certified Microsoft computer experts. As you can probably guess, 877-360-0485 is not affiliated with Microsoft, and this phone number is operated by the same people who have locked your computer.

There's a significant chance that users who call the phone number seen in the 'Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software' scam will be asked to pay money for expensive services or software. You should not call this number, and even if you do, you should remember that everything these people say is a lie whose purpose is to convince you to trust them and spend your money on their offers. If you are being troubled by this hoax, then we have the solution for you:

  1. Enter 'THTY4-89LK6-RTI23-XZTOP-05ERY' as the product key.
  2. Confirm the operation, and the screen locker should be disabled.
  3. Use an anti-malware scanner to remove any leftover files and Registry entries linked to the 'Windows Defender Prevented Malicious Software' scam.