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Posted: March 1, 2021

Winnerwinner.net is an ad-hosting website that seems to focus on promoting online casino games, gambling sites, and other content belonging to the gambling category. Users may come across the Winnerwinner.net advertisements and pop-ups while browsing other Web pages related to the propagation of non-trustworthy content – torrent trackers, low-quality websites, etc. Often, visitors of Winnerwinner.net may be offered to play a free round of a popular casino game but, of course, they will not get any winnings out of it. At the end of the game, they may be asked to sign up for a real online casino by following a link that often includes a referral code. While this is a bit intrusive, there is nothing shady about it – however, we would not advise you to follow Winnerwinner.net's links, as they may end up taking you to low-quality or potentially fraudulent sites.

Remember that online gambling is a risky endeavor if you do not use trustworthy and reputable websites – there are plenty of fake gambling services and online casinos, which are far from credible, and it is entirely possible that they may engage in shady behavior. The risks of signing up for a shady gambling service are numerous – having your payment credentials collected, being tricked out of your money, having your account closed down with no reason, etc.

If you ever encounter Winnerwinner.net advertisements online, you should ignore their contents. Some users report that they were seeing Winnerwinner.net's advertisements repeatedly – this issue might be caused by adware on the device, so it is recommended to run an anti-virus scanner if you are experiencing this issue.