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‘Wonderlandads.com’ Pop-Ups

Posted: January 11, 2016

Wonderlandads.com is a Website associated with an adware campaign running as of December 2015, targeting all browsers without discriminating between brands. Although Wonderlandads.com adware has no more threatening functions than promoting its advertisements, these advertisements may endanger your browser with misleading or harmful content and provide no Web-browsing benefits. In consideration of these issues, malware experts recommend deleting Wonderlandads.com adware, hijackers and similar threats with your favorite anti-adware product.

The Many Wonders of Unwanted Advertisements

Wonderlandads.com is a domain that may redirect its traffic to the Google search engine, with the addition of an affiliate code for generating advertisement revenue. Although this behavior isn't illegal, it may be the hallmark of adware and browser-hijacking campaigns. Unsurprisingly, malware researchers recently came upon evidence of adware promoting Wonderlandads.com's non-content through unwanted settings changes.

Wonderlandads.com adware only has been seen being installed on Windows platforms. However, from that OS, this threat may modify multiple Web-browsing applications, including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Symptoms of the Wonderlandads.com adware remain consistent between browsers by launching secondary Wonderlandads.com tabs whenever the PC user navigates to a new Web page or selects the browser's scrollbar.

Although malware experts can't yet classify Wonderlandads.com as a threatening domain, its advertising content may endanger an unprotected PC. Common problems arising from adware-affiliated content include exposure to corrupted scripts, fraudulent software updates, fake warning messages like the 'Windows Firewall Security Damaged' Pop-Ups and a variety of phishing attacks that could collect your information.

Escaping an Advertising Wonderland

There are no significant benefits associated with Wonderlandads.com adware, which doesn't identify itself within your installed programs list or in a browser extensions list. Wonderlandads.com adware also may persist through complete browser reinstall procedures and, as noted above, operates independently of your individual Web browsers. Consequentially, any process for deleting Wonderlandads.com adware or removing the Wonderlandads.com may require using anti-adware tools capable of analyzing your entire PC.

When removing persistent, unwanted software, malware researchers recommend scanning your PC after rebooting with Safe Mode. The Safe Mode feature is available to most operating systems, and may be launched from the reboot options menu shown after pressing F8 during the reboot process (before Windows begins loading). After using Safe Mode and your security software for removing all threats, you should wipe all browser caches according to the instructions specific to each brand of browser, and reboot your computer.

The above solutions are not necessarily applicable to any threats that could be installed automatically through Wonderlandads.com advertisements. On the other hand, malware experts have not connected any extensive threat campaigns to Wonderlandads.com or its tab-producing adware.

PC users more interested in preventing the Wonderlandads.com adware from changing their browsers at all should consider monitoring their download habits. Adware most typically circulates in bundlers such as SoftwareBundler:Win32/Tillail. In turn, these threats may be downloaded from free software Websites or torrent networks.

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