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Posted: March 22, 2017

The XFirefox.exe is a program that was created with the function of engendering monetary gain for its developers by downloading and installing a duplicate of the Firefox Developer Edition, which will advertise its partner websites. The source of the Xfirefrox.exe is the genuine Mozilla Firefox Developer Build, and the XFirefox.exe is a modified copy of the Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition that has, as its main function, the exhibition of advertisements that will cover a wide range of products. Computers users affected by Xfirefox.exe will experience the onset of websites related to various products even if they are not interested in any of them.

The Xfirefox.exe may add a startup entry to the System Configuration in the Windows OS and alter the computer user's Task Scheduler. The Xfirefox.exe opens various windows on the user's screen to advertise its sponsored products and websites, which will be hard to close since it is from these windows that the people responsible for the XFirefox.exe can generate revenue. Compromised users may experience a decreased system performance, a slower Internet connection, and even crashes due to the high usage of the computer resources. The Xfirefox.exe is classified as Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) by security researchers and may have been introduced with a free program to your system and run from the Temp directory that hosts temporary Internet files. PC users that are enduring the intrusive and annoying doings of the XFirefox.exe may want to install a trustable anti-malware scanner that can delete the XFirefox.exe related adware and its components.