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Posted: August 26, 2013

Yel.statserv.net is an advertising server that has strong ties to pop-up attacks caused by adware and browser cookies. While SpywareRemove.com malware researchers have not found Yel.statserv.net guilty of distributing or promoting toxic Web content, PC threats that generate Yel.statserv.net pop-ups without your consent always are potential security risks and should be deleted promptly. Because PC users have reported difficulties with identifying adware that's responsible for delivering Yel.statserv.net pop-ups and related attacks, the use of generalized anti-malware scans for removing Yel.statserv.net adware also is recommended as the most efficient deletion method.

Yel.statserv.net: Serving Your PC More Than Just Stats

When visited as an independent site through your browser, Yel.statserv.net does not have any meaningful content, and Yel.statserv.net is not being used as an infection vector or distributor for other PC threats. Given these facts, you may wonder why anyone would visit Yel.statserv.net at all – but various malware authors have attempted to take the choice out of your hands by crafting adware that loads Yel.statserv.net without your permission. Yel.statserv.net adware attacks currently are implemented strictly as pop-up windows, but such PC threats often are capable of causing other browser problems, including injecting links into text articles, changing homepages or redirecting you from a different site to Yel.statserv.net.

Yel.statserv.net pop-up attacks may be designed to ignore any pop-up or advertisement-blocking features you might have included in your browser, clearly distinguishing them from any legitimate advertisers and moving into the domain of low-level malware. Based on Yel.statserv.net's history, malware researchers urge you to avoid any unneeded contact with advertisements served through Yel.statserv.net and be mindful of the various PC threats that often are linked to malicious advertisement networks, such as survey scams, phishing attacks and fake system scanners.

Cramming Yel.statserv.net Pop-Ups Back Where They Belong – Away from Your Browser

Non-consensual pop-up attacks involving Yel.statserv.net or, for that matter, any other websites always should be considered an impetus to disinfect your PC of potential adware. Most competent anti-malware programs should find little trouble in removing the source of Yel.statserv.net pop-ups. However, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers do recommend keeping your browser closed during your scans since relevant active Web-browsing plugins may interfere with your PC's disinfection in rare cases.

Yel.statserv.net is neither the first nor most likely the last advertising-based server to have its content promoted through duplicitous and potentially unsafe methods. Always be mindful of the primary PC threats that operate through shady advertising sites and use relevant browser security techniques to minimize the possible damage they may do to your computer.
Currently, Yel.statserv.net adware is suspected to be distributed by non-consensual and hidden downloads that aren't related to any specific browser toolbar, plugin or extension.

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