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[YOUR IP].Moshimoshi.top

Posted: December 30, 2016

[YOUR IP].Moshimoshi.top is a domain that may be used to display misleading pop-ups and messages that may lead users into thinking that they've won an amazing prize by stumbling upon this website. One of the sub-folders hosted on [YOUR IP].Moshimoshi.top hints that this domain may tell users that they've won an iPhone, but it is entirely possible that the page is also programmed to display other fake awards such as tablets, gift cards, and other prizes that may sound awesome. To make their fake messages more believable, the authors of [YOUR IP].Moshimoshi.top have included a script that takes the user's IP address and includes it in the domain name so that some users will be misled into thinking that they see a personalized page and that the offer is legitimate.

Users who opt to trust the [YOUR IP].Moshimoshi.top messages and pop-ups may be asked to fill in a survey that will ask them simple questions, as well as require them to enter some information, which also may includetheir phone number, address line or other contact details. We advise our readers never to provide low-quality Web pages like [YOUR IP].Moshimoshi.top with their names or other details, because there's no telling where the information may end up being used.

The presence of [YOUR IP].Moshimoshi.top in your Web browser may be owed to the fact that you stumbled upon a low-quality page that has been paid to promote [YOUR IP].Moshimoshi.top's messages. However, in some cases, the appearance of these messages may be caused by the installation of adware or a browser hijacker. This is why users who've seen the [YOUR IP].Moshimoshi.top messages may want to run an anti-malware scanner to make sure that the minor annoyance wasn't caused by suspicious software.