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Posted: January 27, 2014

YourSoftSite.com is a PC tech support website that provides blog articles with questionable, and in some cases outright inaccurate information. Although malware researchers haven't tied YourSoftSite.com to any threat campaigns, YourSoftSite.com sometimes is promoted by browser-modifying add-ons that may generate pop-ups or redirect your browser automatically. Unwanted browser add-ons that force your browser to load YourSoftSite.com, like all types of unwanted software, can be eliminated by the proper use of good anti-adware programs.

The 'Soft' Site Whose Technical Advice is Hazier Than It Should Be

YourSoftSite.com is designed with the appearance of a technical support website that specializes in providing advice about threatening and unwanted software. However, malware researchers have noted that the bulk of advice on YourSoftSite.com's blog posts includes erroneous 'helpful tidbits.' One particularly prominent example follow here:

  • Claiming that spyware is related to displaying advertisements, similar to adware. Spyware may include advertisements, but in most cases, spyware may steal passwords and other information without much visual intrusiveness. The display 'loud' symptoms like a browser advertisement is, in most cases, contradictory to the intended purpose of this information-stealing category of threats.

While presenting this extremely dubious example of PC security advice, YourSoftSite.com also recommends that you make use of their 'free' technical support number. Naturally, since this business already has been confirmed to be distributing misinformation on its supposed subject of expertise, any conversations had with YourSoftSite.com's employees should be undertaken with a healthy dose of cynicism.

Taking a Hard Stance Against YourSoftSite.com

Toll-free support numbers surrounded by questionable circumstances often are lead-ins to various online misleading practices. Malware experts warn any PC users who contact YourSoftSite.com's employees to stay aware of common hoaxes or phishing attacks that try to compromise your privileged information. At a minimum, if YourSoftSite.com can't be trusted to provide legitimate advice on its own website, the company's additional tech support options should be considered at least as likely to harm your computer as to help it.

However, for all its faults, malware researchers can appreciate YourSoftSite.com for its unintended side effect: emphasizing how useful YourSoftSite.com is to stay educated about the basic principles behind PC security. Despite the fact that you may have an elementary comprehension of the different categories of threats and the major components of your operating system, that level of understanding is sufficient for detecting the suspicious aspects of YourSoftSite.com's business operation. This education can prove to be an excellent backup to your security software for helping you avoid the unsafe sites known to proliferate different hoaxes and scams throughout the World Wide Web.

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