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Posted: July 16, 2015

YourTV.link is a search and news website that malware researchers sometimes see being promoted by browser hijackers. These browser hijackers may lead your Web browser to the site automatically. Even without any content that could harm your computer, being redirected to YourTV.link is a minor security risk that you should strive to eliminate. Most YourTV.link hijackers may not install themselves in plainly visible formats, leading to malware researchers advising the use of anti-malware products to eliminate these threats.

The Link to 'Your TV' that You can't Sever

YourTV.link is a non-threatening site seemingly deriving most of its revenue from advertisements delivered through its Google-based searches. Although YourTV.link has been registered as of the first month of this year, starting in April, malware researchers began seeing evidence of browser hijackers promoting the site. The distribution methods in use for these browser hijackers are unidentified, although compromised advertising networks are a heavily suspected infection vector.

The modified browsers (most frequently, but not exclusively, different versions of Google's Chrome) redirected their users to YourTV.link from Web searches on other websites. Some PC users also experienced homepage hijackings that locked their homepages to YourTV.link. In either case, the browser's internal settings are overridden.

Most YourTV.link hijackers exploit administration account privileges and are specific to Windows machines. PC users who see unknown programs requesting admin access to perform unspecified actions always should turn down the prompt, which could be the only, visible symptom before their browsers redirect themselves to YourTV.link.

Turning Off the Search Engine You Didn't Ask For

Many browser hijackers are toolbars or other, unwanted programs that pose minor threats to your PC, at worst. However, the non-consensual nature of the distribution methods of YourTV.link hijackers, along with their attempts to conceal all settings changes and files, makes it more likely that threatening software also is involved. Therefore, deleting YourTV.link hijackers and related threats should include using anti-malware programs that can analyze your PC for all threats to be detected and removed, including the probable changes to your system's Registry settings.

YourTV.link doesn't host hostile content, although some of its third-party advertisements may include potentially corrupted links. The danger to any PC posed by a site like YourTV.link is predominantly a matter of the unwanted modifications caused by browser hijacking programs that may convert your browser into personal revenue vehicles. Regardless of their theoretical advantages, no program that takes the control of your browser away from you should be tolerated on any PC owner's hard drive.

The current evidence available indicates that compromised advertisement networks, as well as attacks, may be the original distribution points for the YourTV.link hijacking campaign. Blocking unsafe advertisements, disabling unneeded scripts and keeping software up-to-date are some of the precautions malware researchers can recommend using for preventative measures. Web surfers who routinely browse popular brands of television media websites also remember that they may be in greater than average danger of being targets.

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