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Posted: March 21, 2016

Ytf.Mendacityporkchop.com is a website that may seem empty and useless, but this may be owed to the fact that users who see this domain's name in their address bar may be being redirected to a particular Web directory hosted on Ytf.Mendacityporkchop.com. Apart from hosting some suspicious pages, Ytf.Mendacityporkchop.com is also associated with an annoying browser hijacker that can reconfigure a Web browser's settings and force it to redirect users to pages hosted on Ytf.Mendacityporkchop.com.

Since we can't access all directories on Ytf.Mendacityporkchop.com, we can't tell for certain what the pages hosted there may offer. However, judging by past experiences, Ytf.Mendacityporkchop.com may be associated with the distribution of Potentially Unwanted Programs, as well as with paid advertisements that may lure users into browsing to potentially dangerous Web destinations. If you see the Ytf.Mendacityporkchop.com domain's name in your Web browser, we advise you to avoid opening any Web pages that are associated with Ytf.Mendacityporkchop.com. Although this domain doesn't pose an immediate threat to your computer's safety, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Because of the Ytf.Mendacityporkchop.com hijacker's tendency to modify the Web browser's settings automatically, we advise users to remove the threat immediately if they want to restore their Web browser's regular behavior. The removal of the Ytf.Mendacityporkchop.com browser hijacker is a job that must be carried out with the help of a potent and up-to-date anti-malware program that can remove all of the hijacker's files and registry entries successfully.

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