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‘Zbippirad.info’ Pop-Ups

Posted: November 9, 2015

Zbippirad.info is a potentially harmful Web destination that may be used to host pop-ups as well as files whose reliability is questionable. One of the software products promoted via Zbippirad.info and the pop-ups hosted on it is 'Media Player HD,' a media player that may be required to play certain online video content. However, users who have come across offers to download 'Media Player HD' should remember that this application is bogus and that it isn't required to play any online content. In fact, the name 'Media Player HD' is made-up and its sole purpose is to trick users into downloading its installation file that may be loaded with adware or more threatening malware.

If your Web browser’s activities are often interrupted by 'Zbippirad.info' pop-ups, then you may have adware installed on your computer. The adware associated with 'Zbippirad.info' pop-ups is considered to be safe, so your files and information will not be exposed to cyber crooks. Regardless of this, the 'Zbippirad.info' pop-ups may be very annoying, and the only way to eliminate them is to remove the adware that injects them in the Web browser. 'Zbippirad.info' pop-ups and adware should be terminated with the help of a reliable and potent anti-malware product.