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Posted: October 4, 2011

Zinkwink.com is a fake search engine website that provides results that are profitable for Zinkwink.com's web masters, instead of providing relevant search results. SpywareRemove.com malware analysts have also linked Zinkwink.com, like so many other fraudulent search websites, to browser hijackers that redirect traffic from popular search engines to Zinkwink.com and similar sites. You shouldn't try to stop Zinkwink.com's browser hijacks by changing your browser's settings, since browser hijackers like Zinkwink.com's own will typically base their operations in deeper levels of your PC, such as the Windows Registry. Instead, you should remove Zinkwink.com infections by using the anti-malware program of your choice, ideally after having updated any threat definition databases to make sure that the Zinkwink.com browser hijacker can be completely identified.

The Source of Your Zinkwink.com Search Results Problems

Although Zinkwink.com does try to look like a legitimate search engine site, it's unlikely that you'll stumble over Zinkwink.com without 'help' from Zinkwink.com's browser hijackers. These browser hijacker infections are distributed in unrelated software packages that include Zinkwink.com's questionable search-enhancement features as a side 'benefit,' often with a well-hidden opt-in or opt-out clause. SpywareRemove.com malware analysts recommend that you read all Terms of Service contracts carefully before agreeing to them to be certain that the application you're installing doesn't have a Zinkwink.com browser hijacker bundled with it.

Zinkwink.com browser hijackers operate, first and foremost, like variants of Google Redirect Virus, by redirecting you to Zinkwink.com when you try to use another search engine site, such as Google or Bing. Some Zinkwink.com infections may also rotate through other types of fraudulent search websites such as 1dayoftheweek.com, 4dayoftheweek.com, Blinx.com, Supersearchserver.com or Wickedsearchsystem.com.

You should consider all websites that you're forcibly redirected towards by browser hijackers, including Zinkwink.com, to be equally malicious and untrustworthy. Zinkwink.com itself, despite Zinkwink.com's smooth and minimalist appearance, has no good search results to offer your PC and may even be a source of additional browser attacks against it.

How You Can Keep Zinkwink.com Out of Your Searches and Your Browser

Zinkwink.com infections are able to attack Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox and you shouldn't consider your browser choice to be any kind of defense against a Zinkwink.com browser hijacker. However, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers have noted several defenses that you should use prevent Zinkwink.com-related problems:

  • Keep strict security settings on your web browser and disable scripts, such as Java or Flash, when they're not needed. This will reduce the chance of Zinkwink.com or Zinkwink.com's search results from installing other software onto your PC by attacking browser vulnerabilities.
  • Keep your security program and your web browser up-to-date, the latter to reduce vulnerabilities, and the former to allow your security program to detect a Zinkwink.com infection when Zinkwink.com is on your PC.
  • Avoid contact with Zinkwink.com, Zinkwink.com's fake search result sites, or websites that are otherwise affiliated with Zinkwink.com.
  • Install your software from reputable sources and avoid installing programs that are bundled with unusual 'search enhancement' products.

If you've determined that a Zinkwink.com infection is on your PC, SpywareRemove.com malware analysts advise you to delete Zinkwink.com's browser hijacker with a good anti-malware program, preferably after a Safe Mode reboot.

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Technical Details

File System Modifications

Tutorials: If you wish to learn how to remove malware components manually, you can read the tutorials on how to find malware, kill unwanted processes, remove malicious DLLs and delete other harmful files. Always be sure to back up your PC before making any changes.

The following files were created in the system:

WinkZink.exe File name: WinkZink.exe
File type: Executable File
Mime Type: unknown/exe

Registry Modifications

The following newly produced Registry Values are:

HKEY..\..\..\..{Subkeys}HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinkZink ServiceHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root\LEGACY_WINKZINK_SERVICEHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\WinkZinkHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WinkZink