Home Tech News Revolutionizing Cloud Infrastructure: Google Cloud and NCS Strategic Partnership Launch in APAC

Revolutionizing Cloud Infrastructure: Google Cloud and NCS Strategic Partnership Launch in APAC

Posted: January 8, 2024

San Marina Bay, Singapore

Seamless Integration of AI and Cloud Infrastructure

NCS and Google Cloud have unveiled their strategic partnership to facilitate AI-led transformation for public and private sector organizations in Singapore, Australia, and the wider Asia Pacific (APAC) region. This partnership represents a significant advancement in integrating artificial intelligence capabilities with cloud infrastructure, a crucial component in the evolving global digital landscape.

Provided across Australia, Singapore, and the wider APAC region

This far-reaching implementation underscores both companies' commitment to accelerating digital transformation through innovative AI-led solutions in these areas. Implementing advanced AI capabilities with cloud-based infrastructures will enable organizations to streamline operations, optimize their services, and improve overall performance.

Part of a strategic partnership between Google Cloud and NCS

The NCS and Google Cloud partnership signals a bold move towards a future where AI and cloud computing are inseparable components of business operations. Leveraging Google Cloud's industry-leading AI tools and infrastructure, in conjunction with NCS' extensive experience in IT and communications technology, organizations across the APAC region will be ready to face the challenges and make the best out of the opportunities presented by the digital revolution. This strategic alignment aims to foster an environment where enterprises can fully exploit the potential of AI to drive radical improvements in efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Attended by Mr Mark Micallef, Managing Director, Google Cloud, Southeast Asia

The NCS-Google Cloud strategic partnership launch saw the presence of esteemed leaders from both sectors. Mr Mark Micallef, Managing Director of Google Cloud for Southeast Asia, graced the occasion. His attendance underscores the significance of this partnership agreement and its potential impact in accelerating AI-led innovation across Singapore, Australia, and the wider APAC region. Google Cloud brings its industry-leading AI tools and infrastructure to the table, which, in conjunction with NCS's comprehensive services, will create a powerful solution to drive digital transformation.

Also attended by Mr Ng Kuo Pin, CEO of NCS

Mr Ng Kuo Pin, CEO of NCS, was also present at the event. His involvement highlights NCS's commitment to this strategic partnership. Under his stewardship, NCS has successfully integrated its Google Cloud expertise across its service offerings and teams. This integration enables clients throughout the APAC region to adopt AI and cloud technologies to transform and innovate at a faster pace and larger scale.

Other NCS and Google Australia representatives present at the event

Tom Bernadou, the Global Google Alliance Lead at NCS, leading this strategic partnership, was among the other notable attendees at the launch. This partnership is a new milestone in NCS and Google Cloud collaboration. Fusing Google Cloud's capabilities with NCS's extensive services will allow businesses to combine AI and cloud technologies. This amalgamation will enable businesses to leverage data-driven decision-making and support AI applications at scale, with the cloud providing the necessary infrastructure.

Responsibility for Content of Partnership Launch Details

It's crucial to note that the issuer, primarily NCS and Google Cloud, is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. This includes detailed information about how the partnership will facilitate the seamless integration of AI capabilities and cloud infrastructure across Singapore, Australia, and the wider APAC region.

About NCS

With its roots as a subsidiary of the Singtel Group, NCS has emerged as a leading technology services firm with considerable influence in the Asia Pacific region. They have an enduring partnership with governments and enterprises, employing their technology services to advance communities and bring about meaningful changes.

A subsidiary of Singtel Group

As a subsidiary of Singtel Group, NCS stands on a robust foundation that enables it to deliver impactful solutions. It benefits from the group's extensive reach and comprehensive resources, much to the advantage of its clients.

Leading technology services with a presence in the Asia Pacific

NCS is recognized as a leading technology services firm in the Asia Pacific region. Its reputation stems from its broad range of services, customer-centric approach, and deep understanding of diverse market landscapes.

Collaborates with governments and businesses to propel community progress through technology

One of the critical aspects of NCS's operation is its active collaboration with governments and businesses. The company uses technology to enhance communities, improve public services, and facilitate economic growth.

Under its NEXT capabilities, NCS provides full-fledged digital, data, cloud, and platform services. This initiative aims to cater to the ever-evolving needs of organizations in the digital era.

NCS's core service offerings encompass multiple domains. This includes application, infrastructure, engineering, and, crucially, cybersecurity. With these solutions, NCS aims to provide comprehensive service packages to support organizations' complete technology lifecycles.

NCS is not content with its expertise alone. It aligns with leading technology players, research institutions, and start-ups to create a robust partner ecosystem. This fostering of open innovation and co-creation enables NCS to keep up with technological advancement and deliver cutting-edge solutions to its clients.