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Accessibility Software

Accessibility Software provides alternative ways to command the computer and enter data mainly for users who are handicapped or disabled in some way. Accessibility Software may be specifically designed to ease the difficulty of persons with certain ailments to read and access computer operations. Accessibility Software assists computer users who may have problems with vision by making text, images and media displayed on the screen larger or modified. Accessibility Software also provides alternative ways to access the computer screen’s contents through specialized functions and assigned keys. As part of Accessibility Software, some voice recognition and text-to-speech software are used to assist computer users with other types of handicaps to operate certain functions of a computer.

There are currently 8 accessibility software program(s) in our database.

Name Date
AX July 1, 2013
BookmarkFlash October 21, 2016
IVONA Reader July 10, 2014
KlimaLogg Pro May 31, 2016
NutCRACKER April 13, 2016
Ubuntu One February 2, 2017
WiinUSoft November 7, 2016
ZoomText February 18, 2011