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Authentication Software

Authentication software is used to establish and confirm a person’s identity. It is basically used to verify the authenticity of individuals attempting to access a system, application, or service. There are a wide range of authentication types and methods, including software authentications, which typically requires passwords; hardware authentication, which requires smart cards or biometric devices; and network authentication, which requires cryptography.

There are currently 16 authentication software program(s) in our database.

Name Date
ActivCard Gold October 20, 2010
Belgium Identity Card August 30, 2010
Buypass July 20, 2016
CryptoCard August 4, 2016
Dashlane Password Manager January 2, 2015
EssentialPIM Pro August 11, 2016
eToken April 30, 2013
FingerTec Software May 14, 2013
FNMT-RCM August 4, 2016
FpWinlog Dynamic Link Library August 31, 2010
OTi Applications August 30, 2010
REINER SCT Software July 9, 2013
Sensible Vision Fast Access October 20, 2010
Sentrilock software and Drivers December 28, 2011
TrueSuite Access Manager September 1, 2010
Zetes PASS October 20, 2011