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Compression Utilities

Compression utilities are applications that compress files in order to save space or make files smaller for easy distribution online. Some compression utilities are also used for data backup, file encryption, and file-sharing. Once a single file or multiple files are compressed, they are easier and quicker to upload, download, e-mail, or store on a machine.

There are currently 11 compression utilities program(s) in our database.

Name Date
7-Zip May 28, 2010
Abale Zip August 22, 2016
ALZip December 6, 2010
Codec-Decoder October 1, 2014
Hamster Free Zip Archiver October 27, 2011
NCH Software Express Zip April 1, 2014
PCHealthDoc Zip April 12, 2013
UltimateZip January 25, 2011
Universal Extractor January 4, 2016
WinZip September 1, 2010
ZipGenius January 12, 2011