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Power Management Utilities

Power management utilities allow computer users to configure their computer on how it utilizes energy. The settings in Power management utilities include the option to power down hard drives, monitors, and the CPU itself. In addition to those settings, Power management utilities provide the choice of putting the computer to sleep or in hibernation mode to reduce energy consumption. Some more advanced power management utilities provide the option of reducing consumed power during normal operation such as with a laptop computer running on battery power.

There are currently 10 power management utilities program(s) in our database.

Name Date
Acer ePower Management March 30, 2011
Alienware Command Center September 19, 2011
Devolo dLAN AVpro manager January 4, 2013
Power Manager November 7, 2014
Power Manager by Richcomm April 7, 2016
PowerPanel Personal Edition October 7, 2010
Sony ISB Utility April 26, 2010
Toshiba Power Saver December 16, 2010
Tripp Lite PowerAlert May 20, 2011
Wattson Anywhere November 17, 2016