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Screensavers are relatively small applications that were at one time used to prevent screen burn-in (phosphor burn-in) on a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor while providing decoration. Screensavers are primarily used for decoration with today’s advanced LCD monitors which are not prone to burn-in. Screensavers are usually set to automatically launch after a pre-set amount of time expires.

There are currently 13 screensavers program(s) in our database.

Name Date
BlinkX screen saver July 18, 2011
Desktopy January 3, 2014
Flurry32 July 16, 2013
Google Photos Screensaver June 27, 2012
InstantStorm May 3, 2013
iSaver October 27, 2011
Magentic October 5, 2011
Marine Aquarium July 12, 2011
Screensavers.com screensaver November 14, 2014
ScreensaverWorld Flash November 10, 2011
ScreenThemes November 24, 2011
Second Nature Screen Saver December 16, 2010
W3I screensavers January 6, 2012