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Web Servers

Web servers are programs created to deliver content over the Internet. Most content delivered by web servers over the World Wide Web (www) consist of web pages using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) language. Web servers software comes in a variety of languages depend on the specific needs of the web server administrator or operator.

There are currently 13 web servers program(s) in our database.

Name Date
Apache May 4, 2010
Apache Tomcat November 22, 2010
Denwer September 11, 2013
Firebird August 17, 2010
HFS March 22, 2017
Internode Monthly Usage Meter June 1, 2011
McMyAdmin April 12, 2016
Micro Focus Software July 16, 2013
Oracle Database 10g Express Edition August 20, 2010
SH connect February 1, 2024
Twonky Server June 5, 2013
UltiDev Web Server June 9, 2016
WampServer May 2, 2013